March 18, 2022

16Lab Raises Capital to Accelerate Development


Kamakura, Japan — March 18, 2022 — 16Lab, developer of OZON™ – a platform for next-generation computing experience – announced that it has closed fundraising with Monozukuri 2 Limited Partnership, a venture capital fund run by Monozukuri Ventures Corp.. With its offices in Kyoto and NYC, it focuses on investing in hardware startups.

With this, 16Lab will accelerate its ongoing development as it attracts top engineering minds from around the world.

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16Lab Inc.

16Lab is a startup which has gathered some of the best engineering minds from across the globe in order to develop the next generation human-centered computing platform towards the Smart City era. 16Lab is a fabless company focusing on development resources in its core competence, such as embedded security, ultra-low power consumption technology and super accurate 3D motion analyses. 16Lab is a recipient of the Japanese government’s subsidy program called the NEDO R&D Venture Support Program that supports highly competitive R&D-oriented innovative startups. Moreover, 16Lab was awarded top prizes at Japan-UK Tech Awards, CEATEC Innovation Awards (Home Entertainment), EY Innovation Startup Award (IoT) and TiE 50 Top Startup Awards.

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