November 26, 2014

16Lab Raises Seed Round to Accelerate Development

Kamakura, Japan ‒ November 26, 2014 ‒ 16Lab, developer of wearable device OZON™, today announced that it has closed a round of seed funding from “GB-V Growth Fund Investment Limited Partnership” managed by Global Brain Corporation. In advance of this, the company has converted from 16Lab LLC to 16Lab Inc.

In tandem, the “R&D Venture Support Program” sponsored by New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO) has confirmed its support of 16Lab Inc.

With this, 16Lab will accelerate its ongoing development as it procures leading engineering talent from
around the world.

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16Lab Inc.
16Lab is a startup focused on developing personal computing devices with a mission “to deliver display-less computing technology to all people.” 16Lab has garnered the best minds from around the world to exclusively develop end-to-end hardware and software features; in addition to establishing key partnerships in manufacturing as it maintains a development platform based on open innovation. 16Lab has partnered with designer Manabu Tago (MTDO Inc.) who leads industrial design and brand management as Creative Director. Manabu is an award-winning designer based in Japan who is credited with 3 of the world’ s most prestigious design awards.
GB-V Growth Fund Investment Limited Partnership
General Partner: Global Brain Corporation
Major Limited Partner: Innovation Network Corporation of Japan (JPY10Bn)
Operation Amount: Approx. JPY15Bn


New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO)
Foundation: Originally established as a semi-governmental organization on October 1, 1980; reorganized as an incorporated administrative agency on October 1, 2003
Mission: Combining the efforts of industry, government and academia and leveraging established international research networks, NEDO is committed to contributing to the resolution of energy and global environmental problems and further enhancing Japan’ s industrial competitiveness.

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