Battery life? / Waterproofing? 

The device’s waterproofing properties conforms with the IP67 standard. Battery life depends on usage, but one charge goes from 3 days minimum.


How much is it? 

Product details, including price and the other specifications shall be presented at the time of pre-orders.


How do I get your product?

Now, we are preparing to start pre-orders. We will announce product details later on in the near future. Initial batches will be sold as developer kits. At the shipping time, we will announce SDK as well.


What sizes are available?

We are developing all available size options to fit on most adults. However, our initial batches will be available in limited size(s) initially.


Which country will this product be available?

We will provide our product to 8 countries; UK, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, US, Canada and Japan. For other countries, we will announce availability later on.


Who can be our partner?

In this time, we introduced two premier partners. We have been receiving offers of business partnerships and alliances from leading companies in nearly all industries.


What is 16Lab’s ultra-small module like?

The technology developed for the ring can be embedded in other devices quite easily. For instance, if we apply this module to a bracelet-shaped device, its width can be less than 10 mm. At this time, we have kept our position to provide our ultra-small communications module to luxury fashion brands only due to a limitation of human resources at the moment. Should you have any business offerings on a global scale, please send a message to business@