About Us

16Lab is the developer of OZON (pronounced, ōzōn), a personal computing ring-device.

OZON is worn as a ring and, through gestures, can controls PCs, smartphones, tablets, cameras, televisions, lighting fixtures, and potential for several other electrical appliances. In addition, OZON functions as a contactless key for entry into and locking homes and offices and an electric-wallet for payment transactions on the go.

Two and a half years ago, we received the offer of joint development from Alps Electric after they have seen our demo. When we showed our prototype last year, we received a significant number of technical cooperation offers. As a result, we have built a development consortium of Engineering Partners with world-class technology in all areas. 16Lab is in charge of all software and electronic prototypes within this development consortium.

16Lab is a recipient of the Japanese government’s subsidy program called the NEDO R&D Venture Support Program. This supports highly competitive R&D-oriented innovative startups. Moreover, 16Lab was awarded top prizes at the Japan-UK Tech Awards 2015 and at the CEATEC Innovation Awards 2015 (Home Entertainment).