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To shape the future of computer-aided life by developing the world’s smallest IoT/Wearable module.

About Us

16Lab Inc. is an award-winning developer of an integrated platform – both hardware and software – for IoT/Wearable developers.

On the hardware side, 16Lab is a developer of an ultra miniature IoT/Wearable module. The module has two main functions: BLE (communication) and IMU (motion sensor) – these are common functions that can be seen in all wearables. It is an all-in-one-type base module that has sufficient expandability to connect it to various sensors. Data acquired through preferred sensors are transmitted to host computer(s) via 16Lab’s base module with significant low power consumption – that directly leads us in creating a device in a much smaller form factor.

On the software side, 16Lab has put together Easy-to-develop Software Development Kits (SDKs). Since its SDK covers many necessary functions to support end-user’s practical applications such as: payment, authentication, activity tracker, gesture detection etc., its customers’ devices can be regarded as a universal authentication tool and/or a multi-function controller for the Smart City era.

16Lab is a fabless company focusing its resources on electronics prototyping and software development in order to expand the limits of a group of sensors empowered through software. Its core competence includes an ultra-low power consumption, an ultra-high precision 3D motion analysis technology and an embedded security. Its firmware directly leads to more-accurate/faster-response 3D motion analysis technology that is highly evaluated by leading global corporations in various industries.

VC-backed, along with the Japanese government’s subsidy program run by the New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO), 16Lab has the best minds in engineering, manufacturing and design from around the world to establish successful products as a next generation computing platform. It has unveiled an official collaboration with Sony and is getting ready to realize a platform value through a global network of reputable business partners.

16Lab was awarded top prizes at Japan-UK Tech Awards, CEATEC Innovation Awards (Home Entertainment), EY Innovation Startup Award (IoT) and TiE 50 Top Startup Awards. CEATEC is one of the largest tech exhibitions in Asia.