October 6, 2015

16Lab to Unveil New Ring-like wearable computing device

A wearable device maker and software developer, 16Lab, today announces the release of a new model of OZONTM (pronounced, ōzōn), a personal computing ring-device.

16Lab has succeeded in reducing the width of the ring by about 30% in this model compared with the prototype model which we announced last year, as well as mounting a wireless electric supply to the device by exploiting our ultra-low power consumption technology. It is likely that this is the first time that a wireless electricity supply has been mounted on such a small piece of communications equipment anywhere in the world (claim based on our own investigations).

The software for the device has also advanced dramatically. One of 16Lab’s key technical strengths is our extremely high-precision gesture controller. The majority of existing gesture controllers project the 3-dimensional information about the user’s movements into 2 dimensions before processing it. 16Lab’s gesture controller, however, is able to capture the user’s movements in 3 dimensions. The latest model of our device is also equipped with a payment function.

16Lab is now preparing for pre-order sales of the new model. Our plan is that the first round of shipments will be sold as Developer Kits targeted at engineers in 8 different countries. Announcement of details including product specifications, development schedules, commercial launch, and retail outlets, as well as SDK release date will be announced when we begin taking pre- orders.

16Lab believes that in this generation where networks are developing day by day, it becomes critically more important to connect and cooperate across several different industries. For a platform-type product like OZONTM, co-operation with engineers worldwide is particularly important. We hereby present our Premier Partners, companies with whom discussions are currently being held with regards to the possibility of the development of products that are compatible and in sync with OZONTM; the companies are TOYOTA MOTOR CORPORATION and YAMAHA CORPORATION.


Apart from the two companies named above, we are currently talking with key players in several other industries concerning development of products coordinated with OZONTM. At 16Lab, we are working together with engineers worldwide, diligently striving to make the possibility of a new generation of computers with intuitive control systems a reality.

The latest model from 16Lab will be unveiled to the public at CEATEC, a tech exhibition. It will be displayed at Alps Electric booth.


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